Pvp tips from 500+ hours of playing ao

Let me know wt u think if you actually read all of this. Once u figure out the basics the more advanced skills to pick up for competitive pvp is having consistent movement, reading reacting, learning the counters to different moves and classes, and learning to mix up ur movements and attack patterns.

I’m a “rushdown mage” which has slow attack speed, making it not as effective at long range, but i still have beams so i can still hit ppl from far but not usually with blasts bc my magic is slow. I run 85 power 104 agility 1400 health, and 64 attack size, relying mostly on punishing people missing projectiles with hard hitting aoe attacks. People will miss often if ur running as much as 104 agility. I can gain the edge quickly but closing the deal rely’s on me predicting there movements. other wise tables can turn fast.

How I counter different classes
Warrior: Most of them rely on aoe, but there is plenty exceptions. in the beginning of a fight ill charge beam if they’re far or use pulsar if they’re more mid range. This is assuming they don’t have musket or dagger if uk they run musket/dagger don’t use moves with a lot of endlag, just chip down them down with single beam, blast, and eventually combo them out of a snare when they get close. Consistently moving and staying in the air is very key, this tip specifically applies to fighting any class

Zerkers: u have to be pretty crafty with ur movement throwing in different patterns of attack; like t jumping and charging a beam attack for one sequence, then t jump again come all the way down with out charging beam and punishing them while they’re assuming u would’ve went for another beam attack. Its possible to beat them at close u just want to avoid staying in one area because if they land a grab they can get off 600+damage EZ. The hardest part about fighting Zerker is if u do get the edge on them they will try to fly away making it hard to close the deal.(there flying mobility moves are getting patched next update)

warlord: is very similar to Zerker but they have some ranged options. They tend to be very airstall heavy, you’ll find urself chasing them around the arena a lot because if ur decent at movement and parrying they wont land much on you and will just fly around trying to land piercing gale and dagger. if u manage to chase them down self explosion and snare are ur best friends, i find trying to chip them down like u would a warrior more difficult because they just tend to airstall more and are harder to hit that way, beating them in long range exchanges is pretty difficult. If ur playing a warlord who doesn’t airstall very rarely are they hard to beat .(they dont run any agility so they’re very ez to hit)

conjurers: I personally love playing against conjurers(w class) they’re a healthy class not to op and not weak either takes a decent amount of skill to be a conjurer. u could use any of the above tactics i mentioned but they’re fighting styles vary and are more diverse than other classes. i usually play pretty rush heavy and try to not let them get into a groove because they can be pretty annoying once they get into a rhythm.

Mage: there are basically 2 kinda of mages there are the ones who rely on attack spd, and the ones who rely on aoe, either way try to stay off the ground and use t jump and leaps to keep urself in the air ur harder to hit in the air than it is to hit u on the ground. there are lots of different approaches to fight a mage, I like to feel them out from afar to see wt magic they have. (just trying to land beam from afar) If they’ve got a faster magic ik I have the advantage at close to mid range preferably at mid range u dont want to get hit by they’re snare. fighting aoe “rushdown mages” is only hard if they have unpredictable movements, u have to be pretty patient, chip them down from far and mid range, they tend to have self explosion ult that can 300-600 dmg, wt ever u do dont let them get above you they will spam the hell out of every attack they have and deplete ur health faster than u can blink. rushdown mages usually have the most dps potentail at close, but get out matched by players who can out wit them by mixing up movement and attack patterns.

I don’t play many vitality classes I’ve only fought two ppl who were skilled at them(shout out worthy “NYASKITTLES” he doesn’t even main vitality builds but he’s pretty good with them.)When fighting tanky classes be patient expect the fight to last about 3-5 minutes sometimes longer. chip them down with wt ever tactics u have and if they’re an intelligent player, its like playing a 5 minute chess match trying to predict each movement and attack patterns. keeping pressure is KEY. They heal faster than you do so drawing out the match is in their favor, but u also don’t want to rush to much because that makes u easy to punish. Just make sure ur landing attacks consistently with out getting punished.

This is a rundown of how each class plays. Some of the tactics I mention can be mixed and matched to be used against other classes asw. BONUS tip for if u made it this far dodging thru players is a not so common tactic that works very well, most people try to dodge side to side and away from there opponent which works, but slipping thru is really good tactic to throw in every once in a while to catch them off guard. Think of it like boxing slipping thru your opponent that’s trying to land extended attacks and punishing them from the an unprepared angle.


essay readin’ time!

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Could you do some strategies from the viewpoint of a warrior

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should probably watch what they’re doing , you might eat a blast or something to the face if uncareful ( my rival a warlord so he does that all the time lol )

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True, timing is a pretty important factor when dodging or slipping.

I’m here to second this DO NOT expect a vitality-build fight to end fast I’M TELLING YOU literally fought a 2k HP Knight while playing as a tanky earth-mage build (1.8k hp normal and 2.5k hp with defense aura) and although he didn’t play that well the fight lasted longer than 5 minutes he kept running away (this was in sailor’s lodge) regening and probably had regen V buffs (I had no buffs lol) and kept coming back and my fingers became exhausted bro.

Eh but maybe it only lasted that long because we were both tanky, idk.

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Simplify it so a 5-year-old could understand please :innocent:

Having impeccable aim is really important as a warrior. I emphasize on getting really good at using projectiles or musket. If u can cause pressure from a far you will cause your opponent to make decisions in a hurry making them easier to hit and punish. Warriors have pretty op stats if u build them right, just go for everything besides intensity and agility.(ive seen a build with 1800 health and still did 300+ dmg per hit) Use your weapons for mobility like vindicator,rapier, staff or dagger.

A warrior in a more experienced battle/match has to fight a more experienced player who doesn’t let pressure overwhelm his ability to make decisions. Keep in mind he is going to try and counter wt ever tactics that he thinks you have available, and you should do the same. For example If You can get in the air before him, without him anticipating it u have the advantage its easier to hit someone from above than below them .If he can anticipate when your going to attack and where your going to be whilst making the correct counters to it, its ggs same way the other way around. Being in a fight is a mix of creativity and disciplined correspondence to your opponent. Get comfortable opening up with with feints or quick attacks not all the time but mix it up You want to be very careful trying to fight at close with out using grabs. Missing while fighting at close is way more punishable then missing attacks from afar, so if you are going to land an attack at close use a grab so u either miss but get carried away to potential safety, or u land the grab and have potential to deal 600+ if u combo off it for this reason rapier is the best for up close battles. Another combo is using the teleport moves on katana then using their projectile attacks after, pretty straight forward easier said than done thoe. You have to make a complete 180 and shoot the projectile pretty accurately.

My thoughts on different weapons; vindicator is actually pretty ez to punish if your paying attention to when they are using it. I personally don’t think vindicator is the best option against someone who’s more experienced, still viable thoe if ur using it to punish slow start up or on endlag attacks.
Poison dagger is probably the most lethal weapon in the hands with someone who can use it, paired with staff now u got alot of options to hit ur opponent from far and can easily keep ur distance using the dagger. Greatsword is great if ur not using tempest aimlessly, greatsword imo is the better option to use punishing ur opponents instead of vindicator, u can use the projectile attack to deal an ez 300+ damage at close with little endlag, and tempest can be used for more specific situations like being under a mage whos trying to t jump to land blast and beams.

I personally don’t use warrior, but have pvp’d many and noticed what usually works more. The mobility tactics with rapier, dagger, etc will be patched next update. I feel like it should go with out saying, but using the mobility for weapons to airstall is meta. U will still be able to use the mobility of these moves to rush ur opponent’s thoe.(check balancing document invetex balance cord of you want more Info on this)

Sure, basically these are tips for fighting strong players in pvp. Watch how your opponent is trying trying to attack, where does he like to move, does he like fighting in the air? Does he try to get up close to you, maybe he likes to weave in and out all things you should try to take notice while fighting.

Basically if your fighting any class that isnt mage they can attack while flying in the air which isn’t fair so it’s being removed in the next update. You can try countering by chasing them, it’s not ez thoe. When fighting people who know to use grabs make sure you stay moving and don’t stay in one area too long.

Everytime after you fight try to imagine what you could’ve done better and test it out in your next fight.

fighting is alot of theorizing and testing it out because using the exact same sequences of attacks and defense while fighting just doesn’t work u have to be willing to change to whatever is needed in the circumstances, like Bruce Lee says “be like water.”

For a beginner they’d need to learn the fundamentals of the game, then they have to understand in what situations to use them. After that it’s learning attack patterns from other players after watching or getting beat down by them. From there it’s pure theory two very experienced players can go back and forth all day with each match having a variety of attack sequences, that are different from the match before. An attack sequence is the order of what specific attacks they use, how they timed it, and where they were when they used it.

I’ve spend over 200 hours on this game over the course of maxing out 9 slots, and I’ve been pvping for a little while now, but what would the fundamentals be? Aiming, dodge parry blocking, and movement? I’m pretty pissed at myself for losing really bad to a warrior over and over again on my light conjurer.

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Yes those are fundamentals, and knowing when each attack is best utilized. Light conjurer isn’t a very beginner friendly class, probably requires the most skill but also is the most rewarding if you’re capable of landing 3-6 attacks consecutively and consistently. I think water, wind conjurer, even acid conjurer are more beginner friendly. You can still do a decent amount of damage with out having to land as many attacks, and u get more aoe.

You can get help from people to optimize your build for pvp. Light conjurer is best ran with a good amount of power atleast 80, atleast 1400 health. After that I think is preference.

how would you build and play a wind conj

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I’d do it similar to a light conjurer, I main mage but I I’ve played a lot of meta builds. I have a decent idea on what stats meta builds run. They usually run mostly power and defense, other stats are mostly preference.

Thank you for your wise words PvP sensei :pray:

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Thank you! I haven’t really tried to play into the meta at all with my builds, and I suppose it’s dumb of me to expect to still be decent at skill based builds like light conj.

No problem, Yeah light conjurer is actually a really great class, but requires really good aim and good reaction skills overall. I love seeing skilled light conjurers, pretty entertaining fights with all that attack speed. Even fighting them I like how they’ll use multi blasts to blind the hell out of you it’s a pretty cool class overall.

ok so im a completely different breed then with 60 power 400 def 100 size 70 speed 40 agil

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I mean if it works for you. Stats in AO definitely matter, but skill ultimately reigns.

Try a 3 word explanation :grin:

“be like water”