PvP Toggle

If vetex seems to hate PvP and PvPers so much why not just add a “Toggle PvP” type button or switch thing in the settings or smth like that so we can choose ourselves if we want to be damaged by other players (out of combat of course, and it’d probably remove the “HUNT” option from your renown poster)

That’s stupid… Also

Oh it seems the audience he was referring to came to the forums too

I’m pretty sure the main reason that he doesn’t add a pvp toggle is that he’s worried about the playerbase. With no(t much) other content, he’s just trying not to kill the game.

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PvP toggles are on the declined suggestions list.

theres a screenshot somewhere where vetex is saying he’s against pvp toggle because it would severely lower the player count and kill the game, so no. a toggle wont be added

Bro that’s @Dudeman 's job (to send the Spongebob vid)

Not to bring out the technically but technically when ThatOneGuy left he said that anyone could do it, it’s just that dudeman has been carrying most of the responsibility on his shoulders. (Oh Nvm he didn’t explicitly say it where I thought he did but I’m sure it was agreed upon somewhere)