PVPhead question

was there an situation in AO that made you reconsider your decision of beign an PVPhead?

ash magma mage 500 damage each hunted my ass ALLLLLLLLL the way over at frostmill when i just wanted to beat the shit out of iris

its nice to have the power to kill mfs you dont like. beating people in a 1v1/successful gank is much more rewarding than the pve of this game

not sure whats so regretful about not wanting to be a victim

never a situation like that i love pvp and beating kids while being handicapped with garbage armor builds and low lvl

never been a situation where I regretted it, lots of situations where it was helpful

Well not me but probably for the other guy.
I was playing on a lvl 93 boxing file when a max plasma paladin jumped me and he got his ass beat
I think I made him a bit mad