Qarma - a guild / clan i started today

Hello, today i created a guild in the hopes of reaching the leaderboard. We currently are looking for people to join us, and we have no requirements whatsoever apart from following rules! We are welcoming and in need of guild members. Join today, with this link

I wish everyone a good day

oh my god he advertised outside of #guilds:guild-recruitment

Problem is, this was sent at the wrong time. Guilds are being reset so it’s not worth joining a guild anymore. Also, the person above me, don’t advertise guilds currently. Thank you!

(I suggest you to close the topic)

idk how any of this is done its my first time

yeah well its against rules to post guild recruitments in #guilds, as you need to post them in #guilds:guild-recruitment
but, guild recruitment is closed so no advertise guild :nod:

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oof, this shit is unfair on new guilds

How is it unfair though? Literally, the leaderboard guilds are gonna lose all their stats and stuff.

Guild advertisements are closed right now