QOL Inventory Boxes (Organization)

QOL Inventory Boxes (Organization)
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Basically, Im proposing that in inventorys we get boxes/folders of sorts where we can put items inside them and open those boxes to get a more clear view of the items, while Yes I know that filters exist, in theory this update would make it much easier to find specific items without going through the hassle of filters, filters would still have their uses though obviously, anyways more on the boxes/folders it would be like a section in your inventory where you can edit a box and move it around in your inventory, (Preferably the top) and you can add affects to it and even have a item as the item being displayed so lets say I wanted a box for Sunkens i would have a sunken sword as the thumbnail of it and different bluelike effects surrounding it, id click it and see all my sunken items + a feature to set it so specific items (there would be a checklist) go into a box so we can have things like fishing boxes where you can have common fish go in one box and etc. basically im just asking for better inventory organization so we dont get massive lagspikes and its easy to find specific items without using filters. thank for readin

TLDR: QOL Inventory Boxes for sorting. no more pesky lagspikes when opening 300 item inventory.

Some pictures for reference on what it would look like per folder/box

It would roughly be the same size as this.

Sure, why not?


Yeah I can see this being useful. :+1:


I feel like I have seen a suggestion like this before… Anyway have my vote


Great for organization, might wanna organize the suggestion a bit better as italics shouldn’t be used on everything

i kinda just wrote it in a rush but you get the gist so



i want the 4th one

i think this was also included in that inventory gui revamp suggestion from way back but yeah cool feature imo

Yeah, I see this as totally useful when organizing your inventory. Not gonna lie, ive never seen this feature in any mmorpgs that i’ve played so this could be a nice thing to have for once.

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