QOTD: Do you think items from AA will be remade in AO?

The sunken set was inspired by the sunken champion set in AA. What other items in AO do you think will be inspired by AA items?

Maybe a staff imbued with dark magic, like the one Marua had?

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Yo, that’d honestly be really cool, especially with a bunch of weapon skills being added.

Yo, I hadn’t even considered that. Maybe it’d be best used by conjurers? It’s unique skill(s) could scale with magic, or magic + weapon, or just weapon.

Dude that would be amazing, magic imbued weapon skills!? Imagine primal slash with light magic effects onto it and a twist in it’s ability 0-0

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ye, with arcanium weapons maybe…

I can’t wait bruh, im going full magic but i might have to main weapons with how the skills are looking so far.

Actually probably not that’s probably gonna be high level conjurer shit where they can put their magic on anything

Arcanium weapons may have some vague parallels to their AA counterparts (with a massively expanded skill set, of course), but honestly I doubt any legendary weapons from AA will return. we’ll probably get brand new ones instead

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same bro

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It’d make sense in the lore, since the war seas are on the other side of the world from the seven seas (where all the legendary weapons from AA were located).

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pocket sand my beloved <3

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there will be a copy and paste of dead revival staff i guarantee it


Rebalanced, I hope.

Doesn’t make any sense with the lore and the current code, and is generally outdated

Sunken Pocket Sand goated :flushed:

It’s confirmed on the trello that you get to create a spell for your arcanium weapon, and depending on the weapon type, it’s size, shape, ect. is changed up.

yeah, but like, legit weapon skill. Not just shifting your stats around.

It is a legit weapon skill, i’m pretty sure

You create an extra magic spell just for the weapon, and it makes the spell fit with the weapon more

Example: Fire Magic Arcanium Bow, you create a blast attack for it and it becomes much faster and smaller, like an arrow

Maybe i’m reading the trello wrong but I dunno