Quartermaster finally have a chapter part in story game


Oh gawd do my eyes deceive me??? Or is it happening, cause the only part where i can see edward in storyline is when they break us out from the eternal mines.

Please vetex, i wont ask much. Let this be true, let edward/enizor be a legitimate part of our storyline journey :pray::pray::pray::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


Given the name of part 7, it may be referring to the pirate crew’s quartermasters

but what if some player doesn’t get quartermasters…

Theres probably some requirements to get it first, ik its a hassle but it had to be done.

must… edward…

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Gotta be the laziest or most speedrunner player ever then to not have either edward or enzior by that point

This :point_up_2:

More quartmasters? Maybe the community will finally get off kenton

i’ve done with only ezinor over 10 times TwT

Atleast you got one of them (unlike me who takes like 10+ hours to do main story cos i get distracted)

edwar kenon :pleading_face:

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Plot twist, it’s Grandpa Enizor

But either way grandpa will be cool to appear as well for some reason :rofl::+1:
Excited for Edward to reappear

im not expecting them to, but rather them be the leaders of a pirate faction that ambushes you

Every chart spawns on Palo Town. I will demolish Iris with a javelin once I decide to pick up the main quest again.