Quest Line permanence

What do you guys think about the fact the side you choose in the questline is permanent and cannot be changed? I was a bit shocked to read this on the trello considering the game looks to be so free on how you play your character I was not expecting there to be a hard lock on your character once you decide to start the story line. Or am I just reading it wrong and it is just that portion of the story line that is locked but you can change after the boss or prologue parts? I thought you’d be able to reset the story and do a different run through if you wanted.

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It makes sense but I don’t like it.

I mean how else could you do it, it is a story and how could you just hop between good and evil and expect it to tell out in a good way

I meant to mention that I thought it would just reset if you changed alliances’. Kind of like you changed your ways so now you go all the way back.

This is what seperate files are for. Once the file dupe bug is fixed i’ll make one good file and one evil file so I can experience both stories.

I like that it essentially forces the player to commit to Positive Rep or Negative Rep. I mean, after you finish the questline, you can become a different rep, but it makes no sense that you should be a Villain and do a Hero quest.

I’m just hoping banks will be accessible to bad-reps before I go negative.

Wanted Banker when

“Why am I wanted? Well I kind of stole from the bank… but your money is safe in my hands! Heh… heh… uhh.”

It says on the trello that you can become a different rep, but you cannot do quests while the opposite rep.

definitely will trust this guy