*Question about Guild logo id

  1. What is a decal?
  2. Is it possible to use my guild logo that is already on the Internet or do I have to make it?
    2-1. If I can use the logo that is already on the Interenet how do I make it in an id?

I’m computer illiterate so please explain in a easy way :pleading_face:

1, A decal on Roblox is basically a picture you upload on Roblox so you can use it for various stuff like building

you can create a decal on a create tab

2, You can use already existing google images but creating your own logo can make your guild more intresting and iconic

Go to create tab image

go to decal and upload your image and wait till it gets accepted by Roblox

if gets accepted then copy the your decal id number image
that is an example of decal id

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Where is the create tab?

Oh wait found it

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so after i go into the create tab do i have to click “start creating”?

(15 character)

what do i click in this page?

uhh you don’t need roblox studio

just click create and it should appear like this

or roblox.com/develop

then go to decal and choose your image file you want to upload and if it gets accepted
click on the decal and copy the number id

If i click create tab it appears like this

press manage my games

ohhh i see decal now… thanks for your help I really appreciate it!!

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By the way @Bluemin_Sword It is normal that even after being validated by roblox it is marked on Wom that my Id is invalid ? (even if I withdraw 1 it remains the same)

I don’t know about that

maybe you copy the id wrong or something isn’t right

so how would i know if the decal gets accepted?

if the image shows

so in the guild logo input i put it like this? roblox.com/library/5856449401/money

just the number