Question about headwear

so i was messing around in gear builder, trying to see if i can optimize my armor build after the update
…i could switch out cernyx amulet for sunken warrior helmet and 2 agate, getting an increase of 8 defense, 10 attack speed and 10 attack size, which is a slight increase in stats but an increase nonetheless (also i get 2 extra substats)

but i already have a headwear (calvus crown)
so would the helmet and crown be compatible (as in, you can wear them at the same time)? because i dont want to waste precious time aqquiring the helmet only to find out that i cant wear these 2 together
(for example, resistance amulet with power amulet would be incompatible since you cant equip both of them at the same time)

…please answer

According to the wiki, SW helmet is considered a Helmet, while a calvus crown is considered a hat. They should be compatiable according to the wiki, but you should test it with an iron helmet or smn to make sure

I’m pretty sure I have a sunken helmet and crown in my build

my build literally includes the crown and sunken helmet

may i see your build?

you just cant have more than one helmet, ie like actual armor armor

Can confirm, I have been doing this for a while

same here