Question about life magic

so will life magic look like wood or anything to do with plants? I mean it makes sense since plants typically resemble growth/life.

and if not is there any possible plant based lost magics planning to be added?

also is life magic capable of damage or only healing?

im only expecting green plasma with no damage whatsoever


is there ay magic planned to look like plants?

nothing that undoubtably implies it

this is unfair.

wood deserves some lost variations tbh

lightning and fire get too much recognition


There’s so many energy magics

i made a rant post go read it it’s not very serious tho and warning it has opinions in it

Theres like two liquid magics and one solid magic, and all the rest are energy based (fires, lightnings) or are probably going to be energy based (balance magic, gravity magic, etc.)

do you think that is kinda unbalance/a bit of a problem?

Yes. Very.

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and do you agree these 4 very specific magics seem to be getting too much attention?

:shadow_magic: :light_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var1: :fire_magic:

I’m expecting it to just heal and be a gas magic

nah bro its :wind_magic_var1: :fire_magic: :lightning_magic_var1: :water_magic_var1:

specifically the above variations of those.

I never see anyone with :wind_magic_var3: :lightning_magic_var3: :water_magic_var4:

swamp water is underrated

I am a warm wind user
and i simply use it because wind is cool

Healing magic can heal, that’s it. No damage. (And vet probably did not programmed plant’s part so life magic wont interact with world at all)

About wood.
Plant magic was mutation in AA (Just like most of lost/ancient magics), but wood was’nt. So my guess that Vetex just replaced Plant magic with Wood magic. :person_shrugging:

Speaking of healing magics, what if?

as a purple lightning user i am hurt


you guys don’t exist

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