Question about magic shapes

So magic spells can be manipulated to make your magic take different shapes, but what kinds of shapes do you make? Do you make plain, 3D shapes like cubes and pyramids or more complex shapes like spells that take on the shape of a dragon or phoenix or something of the sort? Is it both?

First wouldn’t this be game discussion?
But also it’s both


I mean it’s listed on what type of shapes you can change magic into


All blast shapes that are made rn are the following: Cube, Sword, Greatsword, Hammer, Fist, Spikeball, Hand, Phoenix, Bird, Spear, Arrow, Sphere, Dragonhead, Trident, Shield, Vertical Slash, Horizontal Slash, X Slash, Drill, Shark, and Sharkhead.

  • Either a slash or spike ball on my plasma conjurer
  • Dragonhead or Shark on magma warlock
  • Phoenix on my fire savant
  • Shield on my metal paladin
  • Trident on my water conjurer
  • Hammer or Sword on my explosion file