Question about my WoM build

So I have currently (all are maxed out)

hard defense amulet
hard power amulet
powerful wizard robes
powerful wizard hat
powerful wizard pants

is this a good build? I deal 189 damage per hit (shadow) and I have 860 HP, thinking about swapping my hard power amulet for a powerful one tho.

I see some people do like 202 damage with shadow tho so I was wondering if that’s from like a full power build or something





189 damage is stupidly cracked

(should I swap for a powerful defense amulet)

idk i’m not an expert


I see people do like 202 damage with shadow tho

202 dmg with shadow comes from the swap u suggested and a bit of a blast size reduction i think

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thank you revived man

yh lol also id keep the 860 tbh its more balanced

my current build is better?

arguably, arguably not. matter of opinion. end of the day its who hits more shots

I like 860 the most so this is fine. As long as you got more than 806 health you are pretty good tbh, the meta definitely prefers defense more than power though but still not a major difference.

lightning build. Recently I replaced the leggings with hard.
Also vanity is different.