Question about new NPCs

So apparently he revealed the Cernyx guys name. Does that mean there’s footage or an image of him somewhere?

Also do we know the levels of any NPCs that aren’t the bounty guys and ship crews since those can be almost any level. Ik the ice smugglers are around level 8 and there’s “blackwater criminals” around lv 20 but do we know the levels of any of the other new guys?

A tester was allowed to release footage of him fighting Cernyx a while back;

I don’t think we have the exact levels of any island NPCs other than speculation based off their drop rates on the trello’s Drop Rates card. NPCs such as sailors, grand navy members, and pirates also have varying levels.

Yeah but it wouldn’t make sense for the wind row wolves to be lv80 since it would be like fighting several guys just as strong as you as a regular encounter

thats the reason, its to make them a challenge
also you would be like level 100 at this point

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Yeah I mean it’s no different than the silent tower

i mean

if you dont count the captain silent tower is basically free exp…

hell if you’re good enough you can even beat the captain ( who’s hundreds of levels above you )

We know all the boss names apart from Carina’s title and the final boss

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