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My friend and I are both excited for Arcane Odyssey. I will add that he has not read the Total Game Revamp details because he wants to go into the game as blind as possible. However, he has been looking at the development updates in the discord. I showed him the new gif leaks of the spells that were sent yesterday, but he has his concerns. He said that the game should be focusing on reducing the lag, so I told him about the changes to the NPCs. However, he’s saying that adding lots of particles like that will counteract the NPC changes. Now, I don’t have any knowledge of Lua or Roblox scripting and neither does he, so I don’t know if what he’s saying is true. I personally still believe that the NPC changes will reduce the lag to the point where increasing the particles won’t be as much an issue, but I would like to confirm it with someone who actually knows how Roblox games work.

first of all welcome to the community, second for 1 these special effects were at much much higher levels and second the majority if not all of the lag in WoM rn is because of the npcs, and I also believe that a low graphics mode is coming soon so don’t sweat it.

The lag has been greatly reduced and optimized, if your computer can’t handle extra particles in a roblox game either your computer is 10 years old or your computer is a chrome book or something, 90% of the lag in WoM was because of NPC’s and large amounts of parts unanchoring (silent tower being destroyed). You shouldn’t get lag from magics


changing some particles won’t be too bad on your pc. there are other optimizations such as making everything islands and NPC changes to make sure your entire house doesn’t catch on fire when you play ao

Having active npcs everywhere takes up a lot of the lag. And alot more of it comes from the fact that they all can die and arn’t just moving parts.

from my experience particles don’t even start to noticeably lag your pc until there’s like a couple thousand of the fuckers being rendered at once

you’ll be fine

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