Question about sealed chests

will dark sea update add higher tier sealed chests?

if not, then i still don’t see much reason to go shoveling around because normal chests give jack

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Yes, the dark sea has Dark Sealed Chests with a large amount of exclusive loot. This includes exotic enchants for weapons, armor and ship parts, exotic ship parts and sails, exotic armor sets, certain exotic gems, and more.

well was kinda hoping for silver and gold sealed chests

It seems to be the case that there will be one tier of sealed chest per sea, so bronze sealed chests will be the only type in the bronze sea.

sealed chests are named after the sea they’re in, it’s not tiers

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will you only get dark sealed chests in the dark sea? or can you still get bronze chests?

Yeah I’m pretty sure you’d only get dark sealed chests in the dark sea, not bronze

they are called bronze cuz its the bronze sea
later seas will have their own sealed chests with higher level ship parts (the bronze sealed chests cap at like 100 i think)

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