Question about the "Inventory Stealing" exploit!

Howdy, i’be heard that people get their stuff stolen from a somewhat not very mysterious exploit that involves the trade menu… Would it be safe to play AO if I… didnt accept any single trades, or never even touched the trade menu? Or can they take my hidden treasures away in a snap, thanks!

nah, even if you’re in the server they can do it

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record ur entire play and open your inventory every few minutes and scroll through every single thing, that way if something gets stolen later you have the footage

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i saw someone say they can fake trades and steal items without you knowing, so its not safe to play rn

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Thats… rather scary, I had no clue it was this bad! Thank all of you!.. My inv is laggy and I average like 20 fps, so I dont think ill play until the next sea, or an emergency patch!

Just to be safe, it’d be better to stay off AO for now.
Between the broken renown, age stat, and inventory stealing it’s not going to be a fun experience to play right now