Question bout regulars

so, uuh…
ive seen that rezan and 2 other people have goten the regular rank almost 1 day ago.
shouldnt they have gotten it by like very early october?
cuz thats like 100 days away from june 20th, the release date of the wom forum to the public (and the wom game)(also the date where rezan and the 2 other people joined), if my calculations are right.
so thats why im asking.
do you need to do it all in 50 days instead of 100?

In the last 100 days, you have to be on for 50% of those, so if you get on for your first 50 days you get the thing.

It’s in the last 100 days you have to visit 50 days so that’s how I got it.

thank god i thought i had to wait 50 more days