Question for yall: what is the most powerful mob in minecraft

The title says it all

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In what game though?

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I forgor to add Minecraft in the title :skull:

Outside of bosses it’ll probably be the warden

Baby Zombies, I hate those things. I kill those babies with pure joy :nod:


The player, bedrock wither, or warden lmao

Charged creeper is one of them if you can’t react fast enough.
If we expand this into Minecraft-related games, I would say creepers in general or any snow-related enemy from MD, especially if they are used together.



When it comes out probably the warden as we’re not even meant to fight it.

Also the motherfucker 2 shots netherite while a wither takes its time with it, big difference.

You did not specify mods.

Baby skeletons from Actually Additions. They’re like baby zombies but with a gun.

In Vanilla, outside of the Ender Dragon and Wither I’d probably say Wither Skeletons. I’ve had more deaths to these fuckers than I’d like to admit

armored baby zombies on chicken mounts

goddamn annoying fuckers

the entire fcking community, probably: how 'bout we do it anyway ?

Hard mode bedrock wither

most dangerous mob is myself I’ve killed myself more than any mob can ever dream

Baby zombie with like diamond armor on top of chicken

if mods are in play then I have to go with the Straddlers from Alex’s Mobs.

Come to think of it pretty much anything hostile from Alex’s Mobs is a pain to fight without a bow and a crap ton of arrows.

As a builder, they’re by far the most troublesome mob to deal with.


Stealth archer, as Skyrim intended

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