Question regarding Peacekeeper

So since Peacekeeper plans to destroy all the curses, will he eventually travel to AO and kill Morden and Julian (if hes still alive) to destroy their Death/Glass curse?

either that or decide they’re cool

Vetex has said peacekeeper won’t be in AO


Peacekeeper has the absorption curse if i remember correctly. With that said PK would just take away their curses without killing. Correct me if im wrong its been a while since i last visited the lore

Pretty sure it would kill elemental curse users but not curses like cloud or death

Peacekeeper doesn’t have the Absorption Curse yet. They also won’t appear in AO.

The Absorption Curse can’t just steal curses, you have to wear the user down to it’s last breath as it only works on people with noticeable magic energy and curse users have little to no magic energy but even then you can only steal one type of magic once and not twice so the curse isn’t that OP. (I think idk lol)

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you have to drain physical stamina to steal a curse, they’d die

the death curse is an elemental one, we just haven’t seen death magic yet, cloud curse might be the same but cloud magic might not be making a return so it could not be

no he would probably find them and be like “damn they good with me I won’t kill them” (peacekeeper probably won’t actually murder them out right as pre ao lore shit told us that peacekeeper kept people with curses alive like trigno)

AO gives me Shakespearean tragedy vibes where basically everyone dies one way or another. (Think Othello, and Macbeth. Majority of the War Seas and few surviving important characters that managed to dodge a serious slash of fate.) With only a couple of dudes to recount the whole events before PK has any time to reasonably do anything significant with War sea individuals

Elsewise its the same scenario that other people have mentioned assuming either of them, especially morden, doesn’t rub the wrong way or get hyper defensive at the existence of PK. They have a decent chance of living and not die by PK specifically at least…

Makes you wonder what Randal is gonna do w/ the Myriad in the future, is he gonna hoist the sails on that thing and vibe elsewhere? or can he just pop the library back into existence in a 100 to 100 replication.

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Even if peacekeeper existed in ao he probably find Morden a cool person, peacekeeper allied with remaining strong curse user such as Trigno, Averill, John Thorne, and Arsen

Cut to Morden becoming evil