Question regarding the generations mechanic

I’m pretty sure I have the wrong generation listed on my account. Assuming that the game tracks what achievements you have (I.E. an Arcane Adventures achievement or a WoM achievement) in order to determine what game(s) you played before Arcane Odyssey, I think I’m supposed to be 4th gen, not 5th gen.

  • I assume that 4th gen is people who’ve played WoM, but nothing earlier

Proof that I should probably have the badge, and simultaneous proof that I don’t (again, assuming that the WoM player badge is how the game tracks who should be 4th gen)

  • I don’t have any of the open test badges, so I’m definitely not 3rd gen

My real question is as follows:
Is there an official process for players to gain a different generation if they have proof (assuming this is proof enough of such) that they should be in it?

I understand that generations don’t really mean anything substantial, it just bugs me every time I see that it’s wrong.

I assume that there was a process in the past, but it might have been a time-sensitive thing

I’m making this thread because I didn’t see anything similar on the forum

well did you delete your wom files before AO or what

oh, is it a file-specific thing?

IIRC, I had 2 files from WoM that went over to AO, but I think I deleted them before I even played on them (I knew I wouldn’t really care about them).
If so, then… yeah, that’d do it.

not file specific but you might have had to play on one of them once

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i played WOM before it turned into AO, but my smoothbrain decided to ‘have a fresh start’ and i deleted my transferred AO file, so now im 5th generation, yet i have the WOM player badge
…i think, im not sure if deleting your save file also deletes badge

edit: okay so apparently deleting your transferred save file makes you unable to get the ‘played WOM’ badge, im stupid :melting_face:

I made a mistake on one of my alts that I used for that one event in wom where we buff mino’s health to insane numbers: I deleted all my files and started a new one in AOm As a result, I didn’t get the WoM badge, so it became a 5th gen.

The conversion process of a wom file to an AO file is what gives the wom player badge and 4th gen. If you delete all of your old wom files before playing AO, you won’t get either.

EXACTLY my thought process at the time. Oops!

I was supposed to be 3rd gen and I prob have the badge for open testing but I deleted the files long ago so I don’t have it instead I have 4th gen

now we both gotta suffer in not being able to flex out rightfully owned ‘played wom badge’ :melting_face:

Now I gotta suffer from me not getting gen 3 even though I have the open testing badge

Did the same, I’m so pissed

now i gotta suffer from not being gen 4 + having the ‘played wom’ badge even though i did play wom

i had so many halloween seasonals and even a headless, but like you guys, decided to have a “fresh start” and lost them all :sob:

flexes in 1st gen

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Always trade valuables to another slot before starting another slot

Another fellow 1st gen! Greetings and salutations.

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Hello my old heart