Question to the Staff

well i got all i need from this post, I swear if someone says “bro put a question out of questions”

You haven’t seen the consequences yet.

The fact that he is rushing ahead and tearing the balance of all the seas to shreds already hints at big trouble.

There will be consequences, but I really doubt they’ll be big enough to justify sparing Calvus of all people

In this situation, the Protagonist had no choice. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
And he didn’t have the information that we had. Calvus could have lied about Sameria and Keraxe to save his own skin tho.

No, the characters will be completely static and nobody will ever change for the better or worse in order to advance the plot.

So Morden before getting curse and after getting curse are the same in terms of character?

Well… Im pretty sure Tech revealed Morden will have a character arc (he was the one who contributed a lot to it apparently, he’s the one Tech likes the most in the cast)

I wonder what he thinks about Warren, since Tech had inferno magic aswell.

How did you miss the irony

Oh damn… F

I would hope so, honestly it’d be a little crazy if the characters don’t develop at all until after Nimbus.

Of course the characters are gonna develop eventually in some way, otherwise it’d be boring. In what way, we don’t know, though.