Question to the Staff

this ain’t nothing serious I just wanna know… will there be character developement in the nimbus sea? (ill take maybe as an answer) Me like character development.

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I’m not staff, but since there is going to be more story, it’ll be safe to assume there will be some kind of character development

the reason im asking cuz it would be the perfect time for the player to start thinking “should i have killed calvus?”

Well it’s not like our character has a personality or dialogue. You make your own character development.

youll find out

Are you thinking “should I have killed Calvus!”??? Because if so, so is your character!!!

“Should I have killed the genocidal tyrant that ruled his kingdom on false promises, killed my friend’s father, and is a higher up in the organization that experimented on me and others?”

i wanna see my favourite characters suffer!!!

ok but fr during Bronze Sea the characters we see change are Iris (Learning to work with others lol) and Neviro (Moving on from the Past and trying to secure a Future)
I hope we get something with Morden in these upcoming seas, possibly learning about his past with the Player
We could possibly learn about Ren too once we get to his Home sea

I don’t think vetex has at all been subtle about wanting the player character to have their own personality and development.

So no, the character development isn’t ours to make.

I think a better question is “should I have spared/killed Elius”

Because it could go something like "Because all the people the MC would have killed being alive would cause like a country to be evaporated or something. Then the MC has a mental breakdown while special Z plays in the background.

Or on the other hand the MC becomes depressed from killing so many people. Or turns into Eren Yeager.

yea killing Calvus is hardly a moral question.
he dies practically bragging about what a shit person he is.

Tbh, I feel like the beginning of Nimbus in this update might still be more introductory stuff like Bronze Sea was. BUT-

I think later on, the Nimbus Sea will be the main set up for the entire storyline going forward. Like, set-up for the big, important stuff. Am I the only one thinking that Nimbus Sea might be where MC will finally encounter or remember something from their past?

I can see it in Skyhall, MC going through the town there and someone going “Wait, Im pretty sure I saw you here before?”, MC going “Wtf”, and we later get the implications that this was the place where MC was at before getting captured by the Order. Im not saying that Skyhall will be where they’re from, I think it just so happened to be the last place there were in, as a traveller at some point.

I dont think the development arc will start here, it might start from 3rd Sea and beyond. For me, it needs to be an event where MC makes a huge mistake for their development arc to kick off, and I dont think it’s gonna happen in Nimbus just yet.

Since the theme is “War” in Nimbus and possibly Vimir, its perfect to kind of delve in to more personal stuff about the characters, Order of Aesir is more of an external threat that involves the world I would think.

fortnite jonesy from team fortress 3 visits nimbus sea and 360 no scopes morden with blue sniper

im saying that the player might have regrets cuz then he sees how broken Revon is and how much damage he caused to ravenna, so like… yea. anyway, if this story aint good i will post the most sureal and absurd piece of trash story i ever wrote (its not AO related)

I remember you… I once asked you what you contributed to and you said “your mom”… and to that i say… cock and ball torture

I hope so. that would be pretty cool, just sum NPC going “do i know you?”

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People forget the dialogue stats along with the attributes. I think that if vet ever remembers to implement features for them then they will play a large part in the MC development.

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