Question | What are your top favorite artists for these categories?

I’m bored and I wanna see what you guys have in storage for what types of artist you like :>

These are the possible categories that being:

Cute Art |
Horror Art |
Watercolor Art |
Anime Art |
Pixel Art |
Cartoon Art |
3D/Blender Art |
Animator |
Atmosphere Art |
Dramatic Art |

Or ur own set of cateorgies
or do it off forumers


none i can really recall, maybe the atlanthean one a few day ago?

none i can recall

…dynamic poses guy ( im sorry im terrible at remembering names )

that guy who made date iris simulator thingy

none i can recall,

maybe that… leaf on head one…


none i can recall

the one i like most generally is Tarwarn tho

Bluemoji Cookie Muncher / Blue Emoji Eating a Cookie | Blue ...

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Flare what does this mean

Flare what does this mean answer me

Wmdrayal doesn’t know about what happened…
It’s jover
I mustn’t put it into context here.

Ruby is a “separate the art from the artist” scenario

…what did they do

if its too graphic just dm me here or discord ( wmdrayal#9216 )

Bluemoji Cookie Muncher / Blue Emoji Eating a Cookie | Blue ...

im discord illiterate is it bad to share that or something?

they don’t know about the discord update either…
(Unless they didn’t change it up yet)

the name changing thing?

pretty sure i did that, im still wmdrayal

and forever will be, til eternity

they sent some nsfw art to a minor

Huh that loser, well uh…

Err uh

Ruby’s… surprising, per say, actions

Cute Art | @GhostlySickle
Horror Art | N/A
Watercolor Art | My neighbor Doyle is good at this.
Anime Art | N/A
Pixel Art | N/A
Cartoon Art | @ozzie (Your art looks like a comic style sort of, so I’m counting yours for this)
3D/Blender Art | @Bluemin_Sword
Animator | N/A
Atmosphere Art | @Tobi (For the wallpapers)
Dramatic Art | N/A