Question: What is a fun savant?

been looking into savant lately so wondering what a fun savant would have.

  • I like to use sailor style
  • I tend to prefer cold based or neutral magics

cold based sailor style…
use either wind, snow, or ice
if possible sunken sword (if you have enough in weapon)

I got a really fun Savant for you

149 vitality
50 magic
50 weapons
1 strength

Use fire for the first magic then water for the second

I already have an ice sailor style so would be odd

My idea would be to rework my entire lore so that Pablo is a berserker (would require a acrimony), which allows Anthony to be an ice sailor savant.

Canonically makes Pablo stronger than Anthony which is pretty odd but I’ll try

0 vit 0 magic 0 wep 0 strenght is a fun build :nod:


we got the absolute pain build, right here!

i mean

guns are wonderful things ( you can literally clear the entire game using them only )

Maybe when everything goes together, like every tool has a synergy with another.
Maybe 110 fs 90 mag 50 wep

Sailor Rush+Ice(Snow?) Self Pillar+Ironleg Smash
+DPS spam(if they stay)
+Ice/Snow Placed Shockwave(if they run)
sounds like a nice combo

Now, I might be crazy for this, but maybe the most fun savant right now is not being a Savant. Since you like Sailor and prefer cold stuff, just be a warlock for now :skull:

Wouldn’t light be perfect for savant? It’s alright with weapons and fighting styles but then you can pick crystal as your second and imbue it to ironleg and you will have a powerful build that also has a yellow theme to it :sunglasses:

since he likes cold magics i chose some cold stuff.
maybe light crystal with bleed causers

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