Questions i been wondering and hope can be answered

  • Will there be boats, there must be boats because theirs going to be islands but i don’t see boats in furtures

  • will there be a second roadmap after this roadmap is done

  • will the quest to get lost items and primordials magic be rare or common but like impossible too complete

  • Will there be more islands

  • will we fight one of the 11 unknowns

  • Is vetex gay or nah this is a question scientist been wondering for years

  • I’m pretty sure there will not be boats. There is no point in spending weeks to implement them if the entire map is a continent.
  • Vetex will add to the existing roadmap once he nears the end
  • Lost/Primordial quests are going to be extremely rare. They will also most likely be very difficult.
  • There will be very few islands, and they will be swimming distance from the continent
  • We probably won’t fight one of the 11 unknowns, but we might. We know nothing about the final boss right now.
  • idk ask Vetex.

There will probably be boats

Since Vetex has confirmed there are universes, there will most likely be a seperate world map for each of them

According to Vetex, there is a small chance you will get a scroll when doing any quest

There will most likely be side islands, since Magius is a huge island anyways.

There is reasonable theory that we will fight one of the 11 unknowns.

Vetex is most likely not gay

Yes I did see some small island on the edge.of the full magius map

Thanks. I didn’t see that before. I edited my comment

I don’t see how universes supports having boats when most of the time you’ll probably be surrounded by land (it’s a continent) and the islands are easily within swimming distances if not flying/hovering. If there are large lakes (which I don’t remember seeing any on the map), then I could easily be convinced otherwise.

Idk, he might break up the islands. I never said universe will be linked to boats anyways xd

Boats are sooooooo coooooooolllll if no boats i wanna make a suggestion about it

I thought you were gonna say “Why do good girls like bad guys, I’ve had this question for a really long time” lol

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Sorry, it was implied with your wording. Either way the islands will still very likely be within swimming distance of each other so there’s still no point.

I can easily swim from the tiny peninsula where camps/outposts/minibosses spawn to the Castlian Shore beach for reference (it’s a larger gap than the mainland to the islands).

Hm ok then

I mean it won’t be that hard a boat is basically you standing on-top of a moving object and then making the object relative too you. people make cars ez

Yeah and since vetex already made a boat before and it didnt get bugged in AA, he can just re-use it to WoM but either way, they’ll become less useful than in AA since Magius is an entire continent.

Well there IS some islands … let me pull it up… image
on the bottom middle -ish you will see those things and its the closest we will get to islands in this game tbh though we do know that i think the people who lived at the 7th sea still live there

also about that fighting the unknowns question. You see we wont be ANYWHERE CLOSE to their level. I mean the peacekeeper (idk if its one of the weakest unknowns because we dont really got that much knowledge about them) if we are capped at level 5k they are at like… the hundreds of thousands and or even millions.

There are 5 islands in all

It is significantly harder than that.

  • Of course there will be boats, the whole continent will be split into islands in the end so boats will be necessary.
  • No, the long term roadmap shows everything that will be added to the game, after that Vetex will start making his other project and leave this game to die
  • Any quest that you get can give the scrolls, but the rate will be 1/10000, and I’m 100% certain of that
  • Yes, the whole map will become islands and other seas still exists and they have islands
  • Not just one, but all of them. You starts with #11 and go down to #1 through the storyline
  • He most definitely is, and I am 100% sure of this as well

Use brain to read this

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I know that was a joke but I am still legally obligated to tell you that it is wrong.

I think you mean the continent is being split in regions to reduce lag and stuff. Why would the continent split?

vetex is chad

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