Questions I constantly ask myself

  1. Who was the previous wielder of the Vindicator?

  2. Who is the Red Council?

  3. Who are Calvus’s children?

  4. Who is Cerunno?

  5. Who leads the Grand Navy?

  6. If Thorne’s Empire is leaded by John Thorne then is Trigno and Averill still alive?

  7. Who is the Leader of the Order of Aesir?

  8. Who is the Sameria Province Queen?

  9. Who are the last vastus giants?

  10. Is Shura from the Ryujin Dynasty?

  11. What happened to Freedrock?

  1. Grand Navy Admiral of times presumably long past. I’d like to say we’ll learn more about them eventually, but I doubt it, unless they’re referenced in the Darksea somehow.

  2. The leadership of the Assassin’s Syndicate. As far as identities, formation, influence, or strength goes, we have absolutely no clue.

  3. Unsure.

  4. The leader / prophet of the Greenwich cult. We don’t exactly know what their goal or ideologies are, but considering their murderous aggression towards all non-followers, we can assume it’s quite radical.

  5. Good question, likely to be revealed later.

  6. Trigno and Averill are both still alive, yes. About a decade after AO, Averill discovers the world is round.

  7. Good question, definitely will be revealed later.

  8. I think her name is Keraxe, though I could be mistaken; haven’t run through the tail end of the story in a bit.

  9. I’m fairly certain they’re all dead.

  10. It’s quite likely.

  11. Still alive, as he likely will be until the end of time.

Well almost everything here will be answered later on as AO progresses, but I REALLY wanna see who is the King Admiral of the GN and how they look like. I’d like to compare with the AG’s Grand Admiral Valencia

they should

There is a theory about Edward being the previous wielder which is pretty cool.

Very secret. :shushing_face:

I think he doesn’t have children or they are hiding somewhere.

A really powerful mage or something.

The King Admiral which hasn’t been revealed yet.


Hasn’t been revealed yet.

A queen for sure.

Verdies, Ulysess, and The Kraken. Navy OC counts in my version.


Still alive but friends with a OC in my version fr!

  1. Keraxe is the viking like kingdom, Warren mentioned a queen of Sameria but Keraxe is a whole different story.

  2. There are still some part vastus giants alive, majority of them are at Keraxe Kingdom.

Verdies, Ulysess, and Kraken shouldn’t be alive, they would’ve been alive if they had curses to age up to be alive in the Arcane Odyssey age.

Cool theory, I agree, but dismantled immediately by the fact that the past of the Vindicator is legend. Edward hardly made it through the ranks, and left the GN only a few years prior to us meeting him.

All dead.

Keraxe is the name of the kingdom Wotan rules, they have pretty frail relations with Sameria (even worse now that Calvus is dead)

They’d still be alive if we were just talking age, AO is only a year after the Wrath of the Gods if I remember correctly. The Kraken was killed by us, and Veridies and Ulysses both were wiped out in Durza’s final attack (along with Valencia).

They are? How?

that is true actually, i remember Ravenna was the reason why Keraxe and Samera war was stopped.


Im pretty sure your mastery of magic would increase your lifespan and Verdies was a giant.

Magic Lifespan + Giant Lifespan should increase it

I forgor A.G literally been O O F E D by durza’s attack


Yeah, Veridies would probably have lived for a long ass time after the events of AA if he didn’t get nuked.

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Yes but i dont think it would be enough for them to live all the way to AO age but idk i need to read the lore again

My bad, thought Ulysses got killed by Durza’s attack as well.


AO takes place only a month after the end of AA