Quick question about lost/ancient magics

I was thinking that lost magics would have their own vfx with some sort of quirk
for example, gravity magic slows people down
or flare magic is explosive and has a longer dot.

but since flare magic is the only lost magic (that we know of) is complete does that mean they have a original moveset/spells?

Yes this has all probably going to happen apart from the gravity part.

even more reason to try and get lost magics thank you for confirming!

pretty sure most if not all lost magics have creatable skills, maybe except for some like gravity or so

whats up with gravity?
does it have a preset moveset?

Everything will be unique. And none of the lost spells apart from flare have been worked on.

we dont know yet, it just speculation due to gravity being a little bit “special” compare to other magic
from what i imagine it’s special/status effect can works in 2 ways:

  1. it applies status effect to target like other magics, which will mean that all of it’s skills will ( most likely ) be creatable
  2. it can create a “zone” of heavy gravity to pull target down, making unable to jump and maybe even slow them down

again, just my speculation so dont take this as fact lol

not really, if you check the trello for them you can see that they have creatable skills, like blast, explosion and stuffs like that, some might have more or less than other and some might have unique skills but not all of them are unique/ have preset skills

Ancient Magic on the other hand…

edit: um okay just checked the trello again and Vetex seems to have removed the creatable part in the lost magic’s description, but since it’s still stated in the Ancient Magic’s description that “None of these magics have creatable skills, meaning every spell for them would need to be found”,i still think that most lost magics will have creatable skills

I guess your right. But I doubt that a a magic like sun will have a simple blast. If you remember in AA the variety of moves Theos had, so again I’m pretty sure they will all be unique, but the spell types will remain the same.

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yeah that’s what i meant, some of them will have unique skills but some will also have creatable skills ( or even both )

I feel like the spells of lost magics will be creatable like base magics. What sets them apart is their superior interactions/status effects/hazards and just their gimmicks in general.

Losts magics HAVE presetted spells
Ancient magic does NOT have presetted spells and you MUST collect lost spells for anicnet magics.

No? Trello says otherwise
Can only be obtained from completing sea-based activities, and would start to be found at much higher levels. Lost Magics are thousands of years old and they are very uncommon to see in the current world.
Lost magics are kinda vague but
Magic that is far more ancient and forgotten than the Lost Magics, these are extremely powerful and hard to obtain. None of these magics have creatable skills, meaning every spell for them would need to be found. Ancient Magics were extremely rare even during the Golden Age of Magic, where only a few lucky humans were given them as gifts from the gods. In modern times, the only way to learn an Ancient Magic is to learn how to control it by reading Ancient Magic Scrolls. These would be obtained extremely rarely at much higher levels from sea-based activities.

isnt this the exact same

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Yes, cause they are

Ye thats what im saying

no? archi said ancient magics do not have preset spells while the trello says that ancient magics do not have creatable skills meaning they have preset spells and to get more you need to add more using lost spells

So you se difference between Skills/spells/abilities?

What creatable spells do we have other than the preset spells we have rn

And doesnt this prove what you said wrong? You cant exactly find mode spells for example. So this should mean that youd need to get and use lost spells in order to actually utilize ancient magics, which is exactly what archipelago said.

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