Quick question

how long does it take to be a suggestor? Cuz i do have several ideas already.

it’s either a few days, or a few months
the fix for the last one is simply making a topic and complaining

what Iris said

they dont usually tell you if you’re rejected btw so if a month or so passed and no response, its safe to say you got rejected

yeah he said he like the first idea but i needed to make another, which i did, and still waiting…

Well, in my own experience, I made 4 ideas for Dark sea food as well as a status effect system connected to it
I was told that I “should make another suggestions”, I made a spell idea and some other idea that I don’t remember. Took about a month until they finally responded, I meanwhile sent another two messages requesting an answer, if I was accepted or rejected. Finally got it near the start of June when I was finally told I was accepted.

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I got it in a day or so.

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maybe my suggestions where bad

This is the fate reserved for you.

Meta being lazy imo, you could try writing thy suggestions more professionally, I guess. Suggestions don’t work anyways and it’s just a form of entertainment for forumers.

Thine words have lit a flame of contrasting rage and hope within my core. For it is not merely for the entertainment of crowds, but 'tis the contents of one’s mind of how we perceive the world as we know to be implemented within this virtual world that we admire. Furthermore, I acknowledge your greatest within this field so perhaps you could, if willing, critique my works that are not known by the masses.

In simple words- (i just wanted to share my ideas, and could you check out my suggestions.)

Sure. Send them on pv messages ig
(I am not teh best suggestor anyways)

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I got mine in five months :skull:

you need trust level 2 (member) to apply for suggestor, you’re still level 1

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Seems like a skill issue :nail_care::roll_eyes: