Quinn Gold

Quinn Gold is just a Curse user oc, being the metal curse user. Well I gave the old version of her a redesign!

Lore: Quinn has suprisingly killed alot of people, it being mostly soldiers and pirates (doesn’t discriminate) and making her known in both sides as a… What’s the word? Oh right, a mother-fucking-killing-monster. So as Quinn was chased by too many people at once (even for her own taste), she turned into steel to disguse herself as a statue, only to accidentally go into a dream-state and wake up 78 years later by none other than Warren.

And now, she keeps most of her past-life hidden, both because her students won’t think she’s a total monster and so no kingdom or government remembers her again.


how I feel after fatherless-ing multiple families:
(inner peace)


This is such a creative backstory, I can imagine all the shenanigans that’ll ensue with her trying to keep her past under wraps :sob:

plus I love her design!! she’s equal parts cute and menacing


much ketchup i like it

u stole my idea >:C

And you’ll never get it back! Muhahaha!

She’s a teacher :O. Nice!

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YOOO Another metal user! Let’s goo!!!

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I meant the comment above me about the ketchup. I forgot to click Reply. :sob: :sob: :sob: