(Quite toxic) Late night PvP and its difficulties rant (not about its execution, rather the journey)

Sounds like somebody even I’d win against lol

I’m happy to pvp with you whenever. I get on spring break next week so I’ll have a lot of time (these next few days I can’t). I’ll shoot you a message on my sparring thread whenever I’m playing (US servers tho).

And this time I’ll actually have my reflex lol

Alr. I should be available 3 hours later

sorry gotta go on vacation rn

I’m going to be real with you all. When I had to clear servers for my luck parties event I think I learnt more about players behaviour than I did learning PvP in a month

i have 110 power 900 defense no drawback or insanity (brought to insanity)
the funny thing is im not even fully minmaxed yet

you’re gonna have zero substats with that not gonna be able to kill anything

i have 110 atkspeed rn, aiming for more


anything for 20 more fps…

in all seriousness, having to do this is just sad

what i do is i don’t minmax. ok i mean i fight anyway. i either run power or defense without exotic enchants (cause thats all i have we dont talk about it).

i feel all builds should be good without stats or just defense

You should see some of the settings people use for TF2, they look about on par with 2009 roblox

Tall jump + bow rain of arrows + magic explosion + fighting style smash

I met myself

its not that deep :skull: