Quoting on mobile [app] removed/dsyfunctional

Can’t remember exactly when, but sometime after February (or in February) i stopped being able to quote people out of a highlight. Not sure if this is the case for pc users.

the scuffed “quote” box is where it’d usually pop up, but it has a history of sometimes not doing that even prior to just flat-out stopping.

I’m on mobile and it works fine for me.


Works on PC.

Everything else on my screen just broke for some reason.

Works totally fine for me on iPad
Same for my phone running on android which looks like what you use

Either way it just looks like an app problem, not like if people here could do something about it


Are your app and phone up to date? Using a browser or the discourse app? If it still doesn’t work with the one you are using, you can switch to the other one for basically the same experience (app to browser or browser to app)

imma reset my phone and see if it’s that bc it’s consistently broken for me lol

Quoting works fine for me and I’m on mobile, I think you have a skill issue on your hands here

wouldn’t surprise me tbh

Good to know I’m not the only one who has that problem

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Same, got no issues with it