Raid Shadow Legends Guild

so like, i joined wom for the first time in weeks today, and checked the leaderboard. the 13th place is a guild called raid shadow legends, with only 2 people, having 1200 infamy…

because they’re good enough to get the kill, ez

you don’t need a massive guild with over 300 members just to get infamy, if you can defeat another player in a guild that’s eligible to lose infamy so that you can gain it, then they can get infamy

plus, it’s the first time in weeks and I suppose they’ve been battling a lot

Halloween update

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I suppose they’re godly at the game from what im hearing. Though do expect to see people get that amount of infamy alone after tgr.

The people in Raid shadow are far from “godly”

Most of their infamy is from simply resetting whenever they fight someone better than them to avoid losing infamy
Other than that they just attack very bad Guilds

visian did the same and he had 2 people and got to seccond place?

This is David’s youtube video showcasing his guild. He worked pretty hard to get in a high spot. He’s taking a break from wom/ao though. For a long time.

Also this is untrue.

“Works Hard”

You mean resets 57 times per fight and still ends up losing?

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Oh ok! I was just curious, since I was a bit concerned if they hacked or something.
Nice to know that they’re legit!

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I never said that players who reset were lacking in skill

hacked? more like skill

can confirm


bruh david is mediocre at best, good at ganking though


who the fuck keeps bumping these to new

? wot