Random AO thoughts

game logic

but if you want a logical one, probably take it out and take it to a blacksmith or smt

or maybe just drag the entire thing back using their ship and do said thing

the dagger throw gives a dot of 10/dps over a period of 20 sec

if we take the bleed of storm scimitars twin crescents which is 6/dps over a period of i believe ~10 sec

it adds up to about 260 dot damage alone, keep in mind that this is also just speculation and the number will most likely be higher since my poison tooth has strong enchant but my scimitars have bursting

what we know about Nimbus Sea?


good chance we might ally with the sameria province and explore more sky islands

Here’s one:
The actually reason for the king leaving, according to Revon, is that the curse at Frostmill got WORSE. How did this happen? Iris was gone for over a month.

it was an excuse lmao

Definitely a lie, he didnt want anyone knowing he was going for the death curse

Agreed, the moment they received the letter from frostmill, the king can just use that as a cover up

oh yeah i forgor

what does he say?

i still dont know whats the curse at frostmill is

There was no curse, the people of frostmill were just crazy and thought that something was melting their island, it was just iris though

“kill me now or they surely will”

Nah bro I be getting hella revenge on ravenna :joy:

Gold economy would completely collapse

First no magic is “real”, theyre all imitations and second gold made from gold magic would disappear after not too long

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couldn’t auctioneers just sense the magic energy inside your gold and just not buy it from you

if they’re good enough

Some couldn’t use magic…an example is like berserker. So, theoretically, some might not be able to distinguish is what I’m thinking