Random AO thoughts

who/what is the Juraserva

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who was the most powerful king at the time Harwell speaks of

what’s this faction

winterveil or wotan’s place maybe

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More discussion, the dialogue that Commodore Kai says makes me thing that some part of the Navy is part of the Order of Aesir.

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i don’t doubt that one bit, the order’s whole thing is that they are so widespread, making them very difficult to defeat

it is very likely at least one of the barons, or even high lords, is part of the gravy

Edward Kenton’s entire backstory lines up with it too. The Navy did a buster call on an island and refused to tell their soldiers why which matches what Ravenna is doing. Also, the Navy should have been able to know somewhat what Ravenna was doing by keeping track of the king, but yet they don’t really do anything about it.

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The juraserva is just Cryonical and Tobi in a basement somewhere



i have one too, how tf does the mc just casually carve out poison jaws’ tooth and then magically gain a handle for it in under the ~1 second when you kill poison jaws?

Im guessing the navy IS part of them but only the high ranks, if we do have to take the navy leader down then im guessing a new high rank will take their place

why there’s gold magic but you can’t make money off of using the gold magic you have?

you’d be arrested for fraud

it’s real gold though and like there’s many people who don’t abide by the rules

Magic isn’t the same as the natural elements, just an imitation formed from magic energy

THE @Cryonical FACTION



He could of stole from the king of winterveil because winter veil was very powerful at the time

My does Argos run an intensity set, he doesn’t even have any hazards or apply status affects

Maybe he’s just doing it for drip and doesn’t care about meta stats

gigagos? :eyes:

This is definately winterveils flag - they went into hiding after all

honestly, this is fair, but

Does intensity apply to the bleed he can give you?

since poison tooth dagger is a sharp weapon but applies poison instead of bleed, would this make it have even crazier dot?