Random question

Was just wondering : what would happen if a warrior had a Devourer. Would they be able to do something special with it? (since they are supposed to be masters in weapons of all sorts)

Dat thing right here:

Well they’d probably be able to use it to its full protentional unlike any other. It’s also probably the most effective that they could possibly be against a curse user.

nise weapon

argos’ phase 3 grab
argos’ phase 3 sword slashes
argos’ phase 3’ version of beast instinct
assuming its an greatsword, its just gonna be recolored tempest and sword draw: mountain wind

Make sens (to me), now i wanna have a Devourer in the game an bully mages with it.

it is effective against curse users specifically, against a mage it will just be a greatsword ( a very well-made one maybe )

Maybe itabsorb magic in general (maybe i am just coping) since curses are made out of pure magic or something like that, or just act like the sword of that manga named Black Clover, i think…

Devourer vs Absorption Curse: the ultimate sucking competition

Not until I show up

good one

It would be cool if it had like an energy draining effect, so when someone gets hit by it they’ll be losing energy for a couple seconds

wasn’t there like a piece of lore where devourers also drain the victim’s magic energy

now i wanna have that instead of a stupid artisant weapon (im sure its not gonna be that good since warriors didn’t event get their own armor set)

i gess that it could look like that but more human

The weapon stats are meant to make up for our lack of unique armor, so I can’t imagine they’d be too subpar, at least so long as balancing is handled well

For now i don’t think that it compensate it that well

I dunno man Triasta is going crazy rn

triasta is just a nuke on a stick rn
it’s really funny

That until the lvl cap increase and conjurer get their filthy hands on that

it’ll be long balanced by then, unfortunately
but they would get access to stuff like sunken staff, which will definitely be interesting

ash conjurer will go crazy then