Ranting about roblox security

Roblox is a multibillion dollar company.
Did you know that if you click one link it can instantly steal your Roblox account? No it’s not even a link where you enter your information. THE LINK ITSELF STEALS YOUR FUCKING ACCOUNT.
Now I can tell you this:
Not many of you will deal with this bullshit, only traders and devs get these links but they are so fucking simple to make it is literally script kiddie level. Okay sure, it’s kind of impossible to stop links from stealing your roblox cookies and logging in, bypassing 2FA. You gotta remember though, Roblox has no security in place to protect your robux and items from being stolen whatsoever. You know the Roblox account pin? Since that exists why not make an option that makes the pin be required to get entered so it buys or accepts a trade? Well I have no idea why they don’t do that. It’s been suggested nonstop.
Okay what about Roblox account restores?
They can only happen ONCE in your account. No ifs ands or buts. Only once. Why not once year? Well who the fuck knows. Roblox constantly refuses to add ANY sort of protection to accounts and ignores a shitload of fucking dev forum requests for the security features. They spend time on notifications that are like “plEAse vERiFY yOUr eMAIl.” But refuse to add anything to help limit the damage of cookie logging that bypasses needing passwords and 2FA making all of this fucking useless.
This shit has been going on since like 2014. I’m in a few roblox bm servers because of curiosity and this fucking guy managed to cookie log TWO FUCKING DEVELOPERS IN LIKE 3 DAYS. WHAT THE FUCK?
This should show you how fucked up Roblox security is.
Another thing, why the fuck is there no email verification when randomly fucking trading 2 million robux worth of items for 1 item worth 1k robux? That’s suspicious as FUCK. With all these problems in security you can only get restored once per account. It’s so fucking bad I have to keep discord on its own virtual machine and my trading account on a different virtual machine so I don’t get beamed.
Now then onto some bugs. Did you know that at one point buying limiteds from the catalog could take away your robux but not give you the item? Did you know that at one point there was an abusable glitch where if you accepted a trade you could not get the item but they get your items? Well I’m pretty sure they haven’t been fixed.

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That is alot of text, too bad I won’t even bother reading it.

Wall of text that I won’t read; simplify your rants next time

However yes I agree that its security is abhorrently incompetent to the highest degree, letting censors, scams and loopholes through without doing shit about it.

daniel? more like dumb retard :nod:

You can’t even call him a retard. He is just cashing out because who wouldn’t if they had the tools to do shit like this. In fact we need more people like him so some guy ends up starting a lawsuit against Roblox so they can get their shit together.

dumb attempt at being funny for likes was what I did, the “retard” joke was hollow and meaningless with no effort put as to how I should label this Daniel person


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I actually found a website that showed about 30,000+ accounts and their passwords but it was pretty old. These guys are literally stealing other peoples accounts and mass selling them all because Roblox wants to focus on their whole Metaverse project and not their security. Smh :frpensive:

that was probably a mass bruteforce attack since roblox didnt have captchas back then

“Should we have better security, and prevent our playerbase from being exploited?”

“No, let’s make morbidly odd packages no-one will use, and promote them constantly against everyone’s will.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me!”

-ROBLOX Headquarters probably

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The trick to not getting scammed on roblox is:

use your braincells

Ultimate technique, use it wisely

Statistics show that 89.41% of roblox users don’t have those, so I don’t think they could use that technique.

Sucks to be them


Those statistics are completely wrong.

89.41% is obnoxiously generous.