Rare Drop Shop(Tiny)

6x Clean Exiled Armor
2x Clean Exiled Helm
2x Clean Mino Helm
2x Clean Exiled Legging
2x Clean Mino Legging
Swift Vastria
Swift Mino Armor
Clean Mino Pants
Looking For:
mainly weapons and shields

Dm me or comment below if interested

link to join me in game:

Could you show your discord username plez

What do you want for the strong oath :nod:

Welp it depend on what you have

Exiled stuff. All clean. Some mino stuff.

Can you be more specific?

I have around 7 sets of exiled armor, as least 2 strong vastiras. 2 sets of clean mino. And one clean vastira. This isn’t exact due to myself being lazy and not wanting to count :fr:

I say one set of mino, strong vastria, and clean vastria for the strong oath keeper

Not the clean one, Ill switch that out for a exiled chestplate

add an exiled legging and you have a deal

Fine, gimme a sec

click this to join me
my username will be Jack Gold(JINZEJINZE)

I’ll just warp :nod:

do u accept crowns? im kinda poor yet

nope crowns are worthless since the twitter code exploit