Rare/Legendary accessory: Cloud medallion

Rare/Legendary accessory: Cloud medallion
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Please read the conclusion at the end.

A rare or legendary accessory, shaped like a small cloud and visible on the players waist like a key chain, which allows the user to double jump. This will be a class locked accessory and the ability can only be used by berserks, warriors and wardens. Furthermore this items double jump ability can only be accessed post awakening.

Item description - It is said to lights up for those with a pure of heart (We know damn well none of you mages have pure hearts).

Mages have magic jump and so does pretty much any other hybrid builds hence this gives an option to those who cannot access the ability. Also to provide more mobility options and maybe open a window to a new style of accessory which creates build diversity.

The ability can be activated at any time by clicking the jump button again whilst mid air.

This will take up an accessory slot and will provide the following stats - attack speed and agility (second stat). Therefore at the cost of power and defence a person can acquire the ability to double jump.

The double jump will not take up an air movement charge as to add to the benefit of using it. This jump can also be activated even if the player didn’t initially jump and therefore act as a mid air jump (for example if the player walks off a cliff or uses a weapon skill to get into the air).


  • The jump will have a cooldown in order to avoid it being spammed, this cooldown will be anywhere between 3 - 7 seconds or whatever tests out to be the best.

  • The medallion will glow when the jump is ready , this is visible for both the user and other players.

  • This item is only available for berserkers, warriors and wardens although anyone can obtain it and trade it

How to obtain:
There are multiple methods that I’ve thought of making this item obtainable so I’ll just list a few.

  • Sky chests - a special kind of chest only available on sky islands, they do not have a guaranteed spawn location or pattern and will have a chance to replace any chest location at random

  • Secret sky mini boss - the elusive sky bandit, a mini boss that can be found in a secluded sky island. He steals all sorts of treasures and can be defeated for a chance to obtain a valuable.

  • Cargo drop - the medallion has somehow ended up in cargo

  • Quest item - if this is the case then the item will become untradeable

  • Bounty/fame shop reward - purchasable with bounty/fame, item will become untradeable

Conclusion and TLDR:
A special accessory that allows berserkers, wardens and warriors to double jump. Can be obtained from sky activities and only usable after awakening. The item will have a jump cooldown and have attack speed and agility stats.

The reason I made it class specific was because it may be overkill on hybrids but if someone can argue otherwise then there would be no problem to make it wholly accessible.

The point of this suggestion is not only the item in itself but a way to introduce a new type of accessory that brings more build variety and options to battle. Hopefully anyone reading this can use the inspiration to come up with their own ideas based around this type of accessory.

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damn this is useless warriors have all the tp moves and I know you definitely just want your main to be op and you’ve never used beserker but airstep is literally just magic jump like god


For warriors, since the update iirc, tp moves share a cooldown now so cannot be used to chain movement in the air and they also take up an air movement charge hence this jump will be useful since it doesn’t follow the tp shared cooldown.

Berserker you’re right, I haven’t tried it so I can’t say much on that. Also I main conjurer (yes very original) so this wouldn’t even benefit me anyways.

you have spiraling fury, vind dash, 3 different teleport moves (that admittedly share half cooldown), literally any grab ability, etc.

warrior doesn’t need more mobility. triasta of bronze alone is enough


Berserkers already have both crash and airstep, which is more mobility then mages, so long as you are not using iron legs.
Warriors have teleports, and do just fine with mobility.
Actually makes sense to give it to warden, if they won’t get mobility moves (though i doubt this will be the case) so atleast 1 class could use the suggestion.

To much work for a feature which is not really nesasary

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