Rate and suggest some builds

drawback on mage, especially that much, and especially with attack speed?

no bueno my friend

what should my stats be without drawback then?

send me the build link and answer me a question- is having warding to cover your insanity absolutely necessary

Lots of people run insanity 2 with no warding. It doesn’t become much of a problem until the 3-5 range.

it’s personal preference from player to player, i personally run 1 insanity and no warding most of the time

I just think its annoying during dark sea runs thats all

you can always swap out the insanity gear during dark sea

this substitutes vatrachos for carina, the biggest loss is in power and attack speed stays about the same, i assume the atlantean being for defense is intentional but you might be able to put it for power instead and enchant a theurgist piece with virtuous to free up an accessory slot for an amulet with a beneficial modifier like Frozen, Crystalline, or Blasted

edit for example

I’ll probably go for the first one since I only got luck for the Atlantean essence once lol

Got suggested stats for a knight build without size?

if it’s without size, go raw power and defense with maybe ~100 agility I’d say, since attack speed right now is not that great with the efficiency nerfs and intensity would only help your bleed durations

Or you can go literally all in on regeneration (please don’t do this)

if you want me to give you an example build i can

Yeah give me some example builds

here’s a build for sizeless and no attack speed, without insanity as well
since you’re not attacking that fast the drawback isn’t as bad here, the only thing you’d have to grind for is the frozen modified things and frozen can easily be replaced by drowned or blasted potentially based on if you can settle for less than the best or if you want more power instead, this build also gets you around 2.5k ish health

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Time to grind :disappointed:

good luck.
(the frosted modifiers aren’t explicitly required it’s about 140 extra health)

what do you have as the other accessory where you use malachite and candaleria?

@playrrt this a good build or nah??

Bro, it’s the Dark Sea update old :skull: