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might change into a wind conjurer for the siren build

my first class was conjurer and from what i remember i wont be needing size much ( i have a knight file too and perform decently well there despite having a very incomplete build )

  • its good
  • its okay
  • its bad
  • its bad bad
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is this fine or should i focus more in agility instead?
  • focus more in agility instead ( 198 agility, 168 atk spd )
  • its fine as it is
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this is pretty much what im doing but different magics, some intensity instead of power

yeah intensity getting reworked next update, if u run like, poison or dot magics then intensity would probably be more useful

nah crystalized and blind applies longer. energy stuff, and i like poison but im trying other stuff

I recommend 200 agility, the rest to attack speed as you like it. But that’s just me, I like movement speed and dodging.

i like being fast too, but the tp noise is annoying

Shrimple, play with no noise. :D.
Unless… You actually like to hear your surroundings. Then I have nothing.

controversial i know, but i like the tp noise

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Agility is getting nerfed even more so leave it as is

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