Rate my build (it's for PVE)

Level 110 Hard Argos helmet
Level 120 Swift Arcsphere
Level 100 clean Calvus mantello
Level 120 Swift Cernyx robe
Level 110 Clean Calvus boots

Wind and Ice magic
A messed up Savant build that never changed since AO was just released

Also, what do you think of my totally awesome American King Calvus V?

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waz the intensity for

builds as strange as your stat allocation

no wonder calvus sucked so badly :sob:

Give him a break, dude has been dealing with politics from a young age in hopes Revon and everyone in his kingdom won’t die from different party

Might as well go all in with power instead :frpensive: if you’re going to be pve

I don’t like slow magic, I added swift so my wind and ice will travel quickly

Intensity for the slight wind stun/push

spoiled brat more like :anger:

ok so…
strong calvus full set
strong power amulet
power gems

that all, perfect pve, 400 dmg per hit

i dont know how useful 22 intensity will be tbh… i usually try to get around 30+ if its a sub substat or just scrap it entirely for something else

Not a fan of being a glass cannon, so I’m not giving up some defense

I might change my Argos helmet to defense amulet, I already got one, so it won’t be an issue

I have real life to do, I cannot just afk and fish for a long time like I used to

sunken? chest and boots will do

Ever thought of resetting your stats to a proper one or fix the Savant allocation? you can reset it with that Reset Stat button

and for the armor itself, the usual Full Power Cernyx Set works for PvE, but IG Hard Calvus Set can work too

I do plan to reset it, although I’m still not sure what stat to put

even though I only use magic and weapons

waz ur fighting styles…

if that’s the case, Conjurer, recommend 150 Weapons and 100 Magic

You can also do 120 Magic 130 Weapons if you like using Snare and Double Beam

I suggest this (without gems)


With gems


And for stats, here:

110 Magics (10 vit 100 magic will work too) [100 for second magic explosion, 110 for placed/self type]
90 Str [Rushdown + shockwave slam]
50 Weapons [For old weapons]


Ae, thank you for this!!
sorry if I wasted your time for this, but thanks for doing this

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American Calvus isn’t real, he can’t hurt you
American Calvus:

ive seen him as a maid tho, thats more cursed

Don’t give me any ideas