Rate my build of 10

Is build the new meta?

i mean if you swapped enhanced for armored or maybe agile yes
you can spam potions

Maybe if u have god aim and a ward5 pot

god aim aint gonna help when you take 400 damage per attack

i thought insanity 5 couldn’t be blocked no matter what


a decent amount of intensity, but you’d probably want to get a bit more
attack size is useless
the rest is fine :nod:

No, lol.

just aim

You don’t need 1400 defense. You don’t need defense at all, just block, parry and dodge. Lmao.

Ain’t 4th insanity deals 20-30 damage per second, while 5th insanity deals 300-400 damage per second?

It means that you will lose all regen + receive small damage every second which eventually will kill you, if you run this build.


Insanity’s damage is % based, just like drawback.

I remember having 4th insanity, so I can surely say, that he won’t survive it for long.

just don’t attack. as for the insanity, well, suicide after a few seconds

I don’t see any drawbacks to running this.

“Drawbacks.” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that’s funny