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why avoid amulets? they’re good!

I don’t like the idea of drawback I never use vatrachos gear

Buddy doesnt know, dont let him cook anymore…

doesn’t know wut

lets take a fully min maxxed amulet, since amulets are typically used as a way to get a ton from 1 stat

a crystalline brisk attack speed amulet
132 attack speed

now lets look at an armor
an atlantean brisk sunken warrior helm with two lapis lazulis jewels
12 power
153 defense
18 agility
80 attack speed
1 insanity

as we can see, the amulet gives way more attack speed, but the max sw helm gives a lot more of other stats while still giving a considerable amount of attack speed

a more damning example of amulets being outclassed

a powerful blasted power amulet
44 power

a powerful blasted arcsphere with two morceni jewels
45 power
18 agility

in this example the power amulet is simply completely outclassed and there’s no reason to use it, on top of that, the arcsphere gives an extra secondary stat (depending on your exotic jewel of choice)

basically, amulets aren’t very flexible, and its better to use armors that have jewel socketing as they give much more stats overall

dont lose hope though, i heard that in the future, all amulets will be buffed to give 25% extra of their stat, we’ll see if they’ll be useful by then

I use amulets to get all those builds with a lot of one stat and then I can switch out armor and accessories to get other stats too

customization basically just mix and match to get the stats I want

btw guys I recently traded for a theurgist chest, theurgist pants, and a brisk scroll so I will be making changes to my dark sea and attack speed builds probably in a few days

Alr so I enchanted the theurgist chest with brisk and the pants with swift, traded for some jewels, and now my max atk sped is 310 and i have a full theurgist set minus the hat

Lightning magic go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

you need to play this build its objectively the best one in the game

All you need to do is just learn how to play the game blindfolded

Why do people make all these overcomplicated builds

just use something like this, hasn’t failed me yet


if my build has 117 power 708 defense 140 attack speed is that good
(no agility cause im a masochist)

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has sunken warrior helmet, nuh uh.

yo that’s pretty good probably pretty expensive to get all the gear for it tho

replace power amulet with a arcsphere or vat

This build basically dosen’t even allow you to enter the dark sea without having a heart attack 5 seconds after getting inside it.
Overall, pretty good.

I used it in dark sea and had no problem in the insanity regions

a non completed version of the build (I finished it now)

with warding 5 even with 5 insanity in Dark sea you don’t take damage with this build

huh? weird.