Rate my drip

a acid mage with a bit of an attitude but a has a good heart

catchphrase: “now what’s all this ruckus about?”


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how can you be talking rn I saw ur avatar in game it looks like a mess

like a 7.8/10 on the green scale, just needs to change the hair and pants colours

W catchphrase 10/10

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now what’s all this ruckus about?

to much green, also falls into the category of magic color = outfit color

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Classic side character or a rare type of main character.
catchphrase is mid

5/10, not purple acid, matching colors with magic color, and the hair

Don’t like it , remenber me to much dragon ball freeza soldiers

Uncle Ruckus

everyone here has mid opinions except you

this man is a man of culture

I was thinking about swapping but eh I’ve yet to decide

bruh get yo tasteless ass outta here
like wtf is this thing

why is that bad

actually it’s kinda matchy matchy yeah

I’ll rework it so it’s mostly brown probably

world of magic nft


A character from a magic RPG game from a company that doesn’t take good care of its website. , YOU asked for my opinion, I gave it, sorry if it wasn’t satisfactory.


only good if the magic is purple smh

magma looks good matchy matchy

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