Rate my end game build


Needs more lifesteal, 3/10

Ok wtf this actually looks cool :sob:

It’s alright, but I’m planning to run the frostbeast bulwark armor since that has a lot more defense and the critical chance is always fun to have, I’d say replace the grandidierites on your novacharged hypersphere for some mythrillaite, it’s arguably better to use.

also another reason to use frostbeast bulwark is because you can use essences on it and I’m planning to use the nightshaded essence for extra agility + lifesteal

I’d also replace the azurian crown with the broken chaos fragment even tho it gives 2 insanity.

Overall the build is good but I’d swap out some of the scrolls too, probably want a buckshot scroll or 2 for almost guaranteed crits.

+50 drawback is draining is bad but otherwise its good make replace intensity with lifesteal a bit?

yeah but maybe not use the whole set like replace the helmet maybe?



Don’t need to.

honestly, this is peak

Where da hell did u find that xd

why are you only running one indestructible scroll
you’re gonna get 2 shotted with that hp

1/10 not enough defense (need atleast 10k)

1/10 bro why are you running sunken champion and not sunken emperor armor

needs more intensity (you need at least 590, otherwise the lifesteal is pretty worthless over the regular health regen)

Can’t believe bro isn’t running Prometheus’s robes and goes for sunken champion.

Prom robes are level cap cosmic rarity items like why you still running legendary are u poor?

Not enough power 5/10

defense is kinda low you’re gonna get like 3 shot by most builds

Should of use full Legendary Beast Alantean armor with a bunch of angelic which provides 2 warding and 108 defence however finding a Legendary Beast Alantean is hard but its worth it

should use the charred modifier on the leggings for extra intensity