Rate my savant

My stats are 10 Vitality, 100 Magic, 90 Strength, 50 Weapons. I use Magma, Boxing, Cannonfist, and for weapons I use katana, rapier, and musket.

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is that fucking roland

nvm saw the person who posted should’ve figured

anyway why the 10 vitality

give him the clam head to fit with the clam gloves

50 health can go a long way


looks good to me but isn’t having 40% now going to make you a hybrid?

supposedly having like 120 in a stat will keep you as a savant

That only happens if you go above 40%

too black


‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎



110 magic doesn’t really unlock much to my knowledge, putting the extra 10 in strength turns you into a warlock, and another 10 in weapons only gets you, like, one move on a bronze sword.

nah you need 130 for flying phoenix (also wont be able to have 130 after the next upd)
still, anything’s bound to be better than 50 health

vatrachos is sort of a scam with powerful, and I tested this using my mage once. If you don’t mind being a smidge weaker, you can run an arcanium bracelet.

Your right, actually… Its only 7 less power with no drawback

I tought putting 100 in one stat turns you into a pure build

Chat what did he mean by this :fearful:

i feel like im going to be turned into a book.

“do you know why i pulled you over? you’re driving too black- i mean, you’re going over the dark limit-”

never said that the one move was flying phoenix, i was talking about whirlwind being the only move you can use with a bronze sword

at the moment, 50 health is probably better than the majority of what the other choices had