Rate spearbreak's community from 1/10

rate right now pls i’m curious

solid 9/10, not including the speds which percy banned


I’m basically a mod there and my life has never been the same. I want to die.

Spingy Bingy

It was 2/10 for a while. Then grim came back and jnettey joined the server and they both boosted my opinion up to a solid 6/10

5 outta 10

which is average because it’s not bad but there’s nothing that’s pushing it over average either.

1 out of 10 because I am in it



I know nothing about spearbreak, and this rating is based off the comments before so :fr:

solid 9/10


y so

7/10 since Percy kicked off Tomi and The pedophile who wrote an nsfw fan fic of literal 13 year olds

:sob: :sob: :sob:

I’ve lost all faith in the world

lmao what

@Karma0123 wrote an nsfw fan fic of onyx and lya

both are 13 years old…

So yeah. That bitch had to go.

Spearbreak after they left:

Wait a moment, me and Karma know eachother on the WoM wiki. Let’s ignore that.

Aabraham got soy because of one button, -4/10

ah yes, after you were told at least a dozen times to stop interrupting 1v1s you didn’t listen, and you got consequences. Yes Ik Ik, sometimes you don’t like when your actions have consequences, mald harder :smile: