Rate this build / how can i make it better?

I recently maxed a sailord file and i actually plan to progress it further (unlike any of my other files besides my main of course)
Im going for good attack speed, good size, and good defense so that i can be somewhat quick with my attacks and be able to hit them and this is what ive made so far based on what i think i can get in a reasonable amount of time

anyways gimme tips cuz im not gonna say im good at this stuff


Interesting amount of defense
too bad you dont get that number in slots

you have to give build code, not the link to gear builder

cant you use cernyx faulds and some other carina accessory for more EP overall? losing like 20 defence but gaining like 20 aspeed

also spam agate and get power through scrolls, agate>any gem because of how defence scales

More power

heres what i cooked up using your idea (you can use a diffirent modifier on the amulet, it dosent change that much)

build link


And if you use sailor equip this is even better, but more time consuming to get all the modifiers

build link


here ya go!
you got a buncha benefits for the cost of 2 power

3 sunken warrior items goes crazy
also why the 42 agility? he will not make good use of that, might as well slap down more malachites
also that armored scroll can easily be a powerful or a size scroll and malachites can be agate

Here’s what I tried to do while incorporating a meaningful amount of agility (otherwise if you don’t want agility you should replace the lapis lazulis in your original build)

2 modified items, one is attack speed amulet with archaic, and the other is Elite Noble pauldrons with archaic. You could work around this by getting a different type of pauldrons or modifier and adapting the enchants accordingly.

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i might use this one, thanks (mainly because i dont wanna have to get sunken stuff)

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use this :cook: