Rating everyone who replies pfp

Pretty much what the title says.

in case you’re wondering what it is, its my roblox hats slapped on top of this guy

:poggers2::firecracker: :axe: :hungry:

Cool dude with a Roblox hat which I’m assuming is from persona idk 7/10

@StarForDays plain and simple I like it 6/10

@BNTarwarn too blurry can’t see 2/10

@anon32468667 those teeth bruh 4/10

@Misinput cute 9/10

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penguin doll


your pfp looks like what meta would look like irl



i made this piece of shit in like 2019 and in hindsight oh my god it’s so overdesigned

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Depressed Rocks

Gurren lagan so 9/10

@Tree_was_taken nice neon tree 7/10

@Birbo looks exactly like a pet parakeet I had so 10/10

@Ardstro nice anime pfp 7/10

@jubileesucks haven’t played helltaker yet so my rating for your pfp will arrive in 4-5 business days

bruh what

Oh boy, let’s see how this goes
I’ll remake it when I get better with Illustrator…

c’mon it’s a meme it can’t be that bad

my pfp do be outdated

Ay yo is that pico? 9/10

@Ultimate pretty simple but it ain’t bad 6/10

@Retribution cool dude in glasses 7/10

@EtherealR I can’t really see what I’m looking at 5/10

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fallen to hell and succumb to horni with us, brother